Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Release: Jillian

 Last year, my local yarn shop started carrying a new Dream In Color yarn, Jilly  The colorways were fun & vibrant and I could not resist selecting a few to take home.  And then I stared at them for a few weeks thinking, "What am I going to make out of 3 different colors of fingering-weight yarn?"

I settled upon a sweater pattern that I found on Ravelry.  It was something where the gray color would be the background, the blue would be the stripes, and the green would be a little highlight color just under and just on top of each blue stripe.  I got about 5o rows into this pattern before I was willing to admit what I already suspected: this blue & this green deserved to be featured.  They didn't want to play second fiddle to the gray!

And so I set about creating a new design.  I went with the open neckline that I love so much, and raglan sleeves for an easy top-down knit.  The electric green, which is such a FUN color to wear, had to go right on top, then a 20-row striped transition brings in the blue, and later the gray.  This time the colors were very happy together, and I have people stopping me to ask about the sweater every time I wear it.  I wore it to a knitting retreat this past spring and at least 20 people stopped me to ask about it - and many of them also wanted to know where they could buy the green yarn.  I've never heard so many people say, "Green isn't really my color, but I love THAT green!"  I loved hearing that, because it's exactly how I feel about it!

This sweater is written with a few inches of positive ease built into each size.   The detailed schematic will tell you exactly how much ease you'll be getting in for the size you choose.  Make sure to choose the "To Fit" size (on the first page of the pattern) that is closest to your full bust measurement - unless you are particularly busty.  If you normally have to add bust darts or short rows to accommodate "the girls", then you'll get a better fit by choosing one size smaller than your full bust size, then adding the bust shaping that you normally add.  Another option for ladies who don't want to mess around with bust shaping is to begin one size smaller than your full bust size, then do extra bust increases until your stitch counts match the counts for the next size up once you get to the point where sleeve stitches are placed on holders and the body is joined in the round.

The wide neckline and gentle shaping of Jillian creates a sweater that is flattering whether you're a trendy 20-something or an elegant grandma.  Your only worry will be how you will ever be able to decide between all the lovely color options available!