Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Show Notes: Episode 28

Today I am rambling on about:

Sewing Machine Maintenance
Deep Cleaning My Bedroom

I share a couple planned sewing machine projects

A sock heel fail

Another pair of DK vanilla socks in LFA Dramaturg

You get a glimpse of my Wishmaker Mitts

Branches and Buds, a planned knitting project

Then I chat a little more about a new eye drop that is really helping my dry eyes

A couple Brene Brown books that I have read and am currently reading

and The West Wing

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Show Notes: Episode 27

I am having issues uploading to iTunes and Google Play at the moment, so for tonight, Episode 27 is only available on You Tube.  I will work more on the uploads in the morning....hopefully it's just a matter of the internet being slow due to too many users tonight!

In episode 27, I talk a bit about the Knitting Pipeline retreat

I share a little tip for substituting yarns....Always stay within 5% of the yarn used for the pattern sample.  I explain that a bit further in the podcast.

FOs: (Finished Objects)

Wine in the Wool Cowl

February Morning

HOs: (Half-Objects)

Wishmaker Mitts

Vanilla Socks, and I talk about getting a great result using German Short Rows to make the heels

There is some self promotion for pom poms and project bags (will be relisted in my Etsy shop by Thursday, February 22....I'll add a link once they are up!)

And a couple recommendations:

Braving the Wilderness

SuperSoul Conversations between Brene Brown and Oprah: Part 1 & Part 2. (These are You Tube links to the audio of the two conversations, but they are also available wherever you get your podcasts.)

and the CEO series that the Freakanomics podcast has been recently publishing (This link takes you to the Freakanomics Podcast webpage, but you can also find these 5 episodes wherever you get your podcasts.)