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 That's me, Nicole Montgomery, the knitter behind Trappings & Trinkets.  Well, it's me on a good hair day, using a nice camera and fantastic editing tools like "airbrush" and "fake tan".  When I'm being photographed as a mere mortal, I look more like this:

(And yes, I do own more than just the purple sweater.)

I became a knitter in 2007 when my friend Kristin hosted a "Knitting & Sangria" Night.  Most of my friends were more into the sangria than the knitting, but I was hooked almost instantly.  After practicing my knit & purl stitches in basic rectangle form for a few months, the universe dropped a Knitting Guru into my lap.  She showed me how easy it was to knit in the round and encouraged me to try following a pattern.  I was sure that patterns were far off into my knitting future, but with her wise advice "Just work the first row and don't worry about the next row until you get there", I jumped in and gave patterns a try.  You Tube has been an invaluable resource for learning new techniques, as have the library of pattern and knitting reference books I've amassed in the past 7 years.

I like to write my patterns in a more detailed style than what you might be used to.  I remember what it's like to be a beginner and I either write my patterns so that any beginner (who is potentially willing to learn a couple new tricks) can be successful, or, if I'm genuinely writing a pattern for a more advanced knitter, I clearly state that in my pattern descriptions, just so you know what to expect.  And I offer support while you're working my patterns, too.  If you have a question or a concern, contact me and I will always respond.  (But please don't ask me to rewrite a pattern because you want to use a different weight yarn or don't want to buy the needles you'll need to achieve the pattern gauge.  Those things are above & beyond the scope of what I can do for my customers.)

When I'm not knitting, you might find me hanging out with my husband & two kids, teaching piano lessons, trying to train my male cat to stop shredding my furniture to get my attention, Watching Downton Abby and The Mindy Project or reading non-fiction e-books.

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