Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Show Notes: Episode 26

Things have been crazy around here this month....sorry for the delay!  This podcast was recorded on January 14th, but due to some major technical difficulties, it isn't being published until the 31st.  I think all of my computer issues have been resolved, so (fingers crossed!) I should be back to my bi-monthly recording schedule moving forward.

In Episode 26 I talk about:

Check Meowt Socks (actually, I don't talk about them, I just show them)

Trying out a new ballet class

attending Hamiltunes


A Hat Pattern of the Future (anticipated release date: February 6) called "February Morning"
Rainbow pom pom on the hat, and the silver pom pom on the hat I'm wearing at the beginning of the show are both from the Trappings and Trinkets Etsy Shop.

My WIP is a Wine in the Wool cowl

I give you a preview of a new bag design!

...and I talked for a couple minutes about the upcoming Knitting Pipeline Retreat.  Leave me a comment if you are attending!

I'm wearing my Rock the Lobster Sweater for most of the podcast.  I talk about a disastrous washing experience I had with that sweater, and how I resolved it.  I also mention the level of color work I consider this sweater, and a bit about steeking.

A Project of the Future: Wishmaker Mitts

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Show Notes: Episodes 24 & 25

Episode 24: I recorded it and published on You Tube, iTunes, and Google Play, but never quite made it around to writing show notes.  Holidays, man.  Sorry about that.  Let's just blame Christmas Craziness and move on.  

You can still enjoy the episode sans notes if you are in the mood! :) 

Then a week ago, I recorded Episode 25, but it took me a solid week to edit and publish it.  So Happy New Year (six days late)'ll enjoy this 72-minute episode if you're a big fan of tangents!

I talk about The following finished projects:

Mom's Stocking Cap (Sorry, not project page or pattern page yet, but it's coming soon!)

I talk a little about jewelry making. (Necklaces, in particular).  Here's a link to the handy jewelry-making tool I'd recommend if you want to give it a try!  (I'm not sure if this link will pull up the exact tool that is most similar to mine, but in case you have to select it from the nine choices on the page, it's the one labeled "Black-11"

I also talk a lot (a LOT) about Crohn's Disease, what worked and what didn't go so great last year, and what my "Word for 2018" is going to be!