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Fiber Fist Bumps

Fiber Fist Bumps buttons are achievement / memory badges for fiber enthusiasts!  I'm sure you've lost count of the number of crocheters who have come into your shop proudly showing off their latest project.  Knitters who turn the heel of a sock for the first time, or learn brioche stitch, or work their first stranded knitting project are always thrilled to share their accomplishments.  Spinners and weavers love mastering the different aspects of their crafts as well.  Fiber enthusiasts are an adventurous lot, and most feel a real sense of pride when they accomplish something new.

They are also the kind of people who love having tangible reminders of positive experiences.  She associates knitting this shawl with the vacation her family took to Florida.  This crocheted afghan reminds him of his sweet aunt.  This skein of handspun was made from fiber that she picked up at the festival she attended in Maryland two years ago, and this woven scarf was made out of the yarn he picked up at that retreat he attended in Tennessee last summer.  These are the same people who will let out a knowing laugh upon seeing a button proclaiming "Frogged that project!  Reused yarn to make something I'll actually wear!"  Then, she will tell you about the sweater that sat in her closet, unworn for 3 years before she decided to take it apart and use the too-good-to-waste yarn on a shawl that she now wears all the time.  Or he will see the "No Fear - Steeking" button and tell you how he has seen steeked projects, but it seems so difficult that he hasn't tried it yet....  And then 3 months later, he will show up with the sweater he just finished steeking, and buy himself the Steeking button as a badge of honor.  

These are inexpensive reminders that people will collect to commemorate all of their fiber-related accomplishments.  Whether they commemorate the types of projects a person has made, the techniques they have learned, or the "fun extras" that all fiber enthusiasts experience, these keepsakes can be pinned to a project bag or collected on a bulletin board in the craft room, a colorful record of your Fiber Life.

Fiber Fist Bumps collections are released twice a year.  Buttons from the current collection are only for sale through brick-and-mortar yarn shops.  Fiber Fist Bumps buttons are 1.25" in diameter and are high-quality, metal pin-back buttons.  They arrive mounted to a printed card stock card and are protected in individual cellophane bags with a header.  The current Fiber Fist Bumps collection designs are shown below, and a FAQs sheet and Order Form sheet are each linked to Google doc PDFs available for download below.

Fiber Fist Bumps Collection #1: May 2017 (available through August 1, 2017)

"Sweater Curse" card includes all 4 Fiber Fist Bumps buttons above.       

Buttons are also available individually.  (Clockwise, beginning top left):
Sweater Curse  
Frogged Project   
Colorwork Project
Knit Two Socks

"Yo Lace" card contains all 4 Fiber Fist Bumps buttons above.
Buttons are also available individually.  (Clockwise, beginning top left):
Yo Lace
Baby Gift
Knit a Sweater
Housework Avoidance

"Dropped a Stitch" card contains all 4 Fiber Fist Bumps buttons above.
Buttons are also available individually.  (Clockwise, beginning top left):
Dropped a Stitch
Finished a Hat
Gauge Wizard
No Fear Steeking

Here is our Fiber Fist Bumps FAQs page where you can find the answers to most of your questions.  If there's any further information you need or would like to chat with us before you order, we welcome your emails, calls, or texts!  All of our contact info is included at the bottom of the FAQs page.

Ready to Order?  Just print out this order form and either send it to us via snail mail, or scan/photograph the completed form and email or text the image using the contact info at the bottom of the FAQs page.  You will hear from us when your order is received, then you'll get a Paypal invoice as soon as your order form is at the top of our processing queue!

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