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**Designing has been taking a bit of a back seat lately while I focus on a couple different Trappings and Trinkets projects.  

First, I have begun offering handmade faux fur pom poms in the Trappings and Trinkets Etsy Shop!  If you are interested in ordering a quantity of 20+ as a wholesale customer (at a reduced price), just click on the "contact me" tab and let me know what email address I should use to send you a pdf of wholesale ordering info. 

Second, I am trying to prepare for a trunk show I will have at the Knitting Pipeline retreat in Washington, IL in mid February

And third, I have been publishing a knitting podcast called the "Trappings and Trinkets Knitting Podcast".  You can find it on YouTube, iTunes, and Google Play.**

Cabled Hat
Pattern Currently being Tested
Anticipated Publication Date: February 6, 2018

Sleeveless Hooded Women's Vest
Pattern Currently being Written

Husband Sweater
Pattern Currently being Written

Woven Scarf
Ready for Testing
Anticipated Test to Begin: One of these days.....

Cowl Neck Sweater
Currently On the List

Fun Toddler Sweater
Currently On the List

Animal Hat III
Currently On the List

On hold until I learn how to write crochet instructions!

Double Knit Hat (Needs a better name!)
On Hold….

Blanket / Throw

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