Friday, March 9, 2018

Show Notes: Episode 29

Would you like to know how to sew a garment based on a relatively simple shirt, sweater, or dress that you already own?  The first 40 minutes of today's podcast will show you the step-by-step process of drafting a sewing pattern.  Also, cameo appearances by my cat, Tevye.

A couple new tools I used when sewing this sweatshirt out of knit fabric:

And an excellent tutorial if you want to put a neckline or sleeve binding on a sewn knit garment.  Actually, SewCanShe has lots of great sewing tutorials, if you're into that!

If you're not into sewing, just fast-forward to the 40 minute mark and you can check out a couple finished projects,

And a kinda finished object (that I will need to rip out and reknit half of:

And then I talk for a minute about a new project I'm casting on:

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Show Notes: Episode 28

Today I am rambling on about:

Sewing Machine Maintenance
Deep Cleaning My Bedroom

I share a couple planned sewing machine projects

A sock heel fail

Another pair of DK vanilla socks in LFA Dramaturg

You get a glimpse of my Wishmaker Mitts

Branches and Buds, a planned knitting project

Then I chat a little more about a new eye drop that is really helping my dry eyes

A couple Brene Brown books that I have read and am currently reading

and The West Wing

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Show Notes: Episode 27

I am having issues uploading to iTunes and Google Play at the moment, so for tonight, Episode 27 is only available on You Tube.  I will work more on the uploads in the morning....hopefully it's just a matter of the internet being slow due to too many users tonight!

In episode 27, I talk a bit about the Knitting Pipeline retreat

I share a little tip for substituting yarns....Always stay within 5% of the yarn used for the pattern sample.  I explain that a bit further in the podcast.

FOs: (Finished Objects)

Wine in the Wool Cowl

February Morning

HOs: (Half-Objects)

Wishmaker Mitts

Vanilla Socks, and I talk about getting a great result using German Short Rows to make the heels

There is some self promotion for pom poms and project bags (will be relisted in my Etsy shop by Thursday, February 22....I'll add a link once they are up!)

And a couple recommendations:

Braving the Wilderness

SuperSoul Conversations between Brene Brown and Oprah: Part 1 & Part 2. (These are You Tube links to the audio of the two conversations, but they are also available wherever you get your podcasts.)

and the CEO series that the Freakanomics podcast has been recently publishing (This link takes you to the Freakanomics Podcast webpage, but you can also find these 5 episodes wherever you get your podcasts.)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Show Notes: Episode 26

Things have been crazy around here this month....sorry for the delay!  This podcast was recorded on January 14th, but due to some major technical difficulties, it isn't being published until the 31st.  I think all of my computer issues have been resolved, so (fingers crossed!) I should be back to my bi-monthly recording schedule moving forward.

In Episode 26 I talk about:

Check Meowt Socks (actually, I don't talk about them, I just show them)

Trying out a new ballet class

attending Hamiltunes


A Hat Pattern of the Future (anticipated release date: February 6) called "February Morning"
Rainbow pom pom on the hat, and the silver pom pom on the hat I'm wearing at the beginning of the show are both from the Trappings and Trinkets Etsy Shop.

My WIP is a Wine in the Wool cowl

I give you a preview of a new bag design!

...and I talked for a couple minutes about the upcoming Knitting Pipeline Retreat.  Leave me a comment if you are attending!

I'm wearing my Rock the Lobster Sweater for most of the podcast.  I talk about a disastrous washing experience I had with that sweater, and how I resolved it.  I also mention the level of color work I consider this sweater, and a bit about steeking.

A Project of the Future: Wishmaker Mitts

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Show Notes: Episodes 24 & 25

Episode 24: I recorded it and published on You Tube, iTunes, and Google Play, but never quite made it around to writing show notes.  Holidays, man.  Sorry about that.  Let's just blame Christmas Craziness and move on.  

You can still enjoy the episode sans notes if you are in the mood! :) 

Then a week ago, I recorded Episode 25, but it took me a solid week to edit and publish it.  So Happy New Year (six days late)'ll enjoy this 72-minute episode if you're a big fan of tangents!

I talk about The following finished projects:

Mom's Stocking Cap (Sorry, not project page or pattern page yet, but it's coming soon!)

I talk a little about jewelry making. (Necklaces, in particular).  Here's a link to the handy jewelry-making tool I'd recommend if you want to give it a try!  (I'm not sure if this link will pull up the exact tool that is most similar to mine, but in case you have to select it from the nine choices on the page, it's the one labeled "Black-11"

I also talk a lot (a LOT) about Crohn's Disease, what worked and what didn't go so great last year, and what my "Word for 2018" is going to be!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Show Notes: Episode 23

This week's podcast is a little shorter than usual, but I did manage to squeeze it in between all the Etsy Shop fun I've been creating!

I talk about a whole bunch of projects I've been working on, some for Christmas gifts, and some for the Indie Design Gift-a-Long:

One the needles:
3-in-1 Boots

In Time Out:
Burgeoning Slippers

Neon Hat
Hannah Hat
Crisp Apple Strudel Mittens
An Unnamed Cabled Hat (which will eventually be a published pattern)...sorry, no project or pattern page to link to yet for this one!
World War G{loves}

And I show off my newest hat release, the Plank & Groove Hat.  This is a fantastic dk-weight hat that is perfect for beginners (or anyone who wants an easy knit).  There are no increases or decreases used to shape the crown!  And it's fantastic for using with self-striping yarn because the stitch count never changes from one row to the next.  It's a versatile knit that comes in five different sizes and can be worn unfolded as a slouchy hat, or with the brim turned up as a fitted beanie.  It's a great unisex design that would probably work for someone on your list of "knit-worthy" holiday gift recipients!

The Plank & Groove Hat is available as an individual pattern download on Ravelry, and also as part of a 4-hat eBook called #SquadHats!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Show Notes: Episode 22

On Episode 22, I'm wearing my finished object, the Cala Luna Sweater!

I touch on my vicarious Rhinebeck experiences and the Knitting Pipeline Retreat that I'm looking forward to attending in February.  (KP Retreat info isn't posted yet on the day I'm publishing this blog post, but when it is released, you'll be able to find a thread about it on this message board.)

I show you the hat pattern that I released last week (the Stone Stacking Hat), and the one that will be released tomorrow (the Swirlygig Hat).  Both are available as single patterns, or as part of the #SquadHats eBook collection.

A little math lesson begins just after the 23 minute mark.  I talk about how I mathematically figured out exactly how many extra sleeve cap rows I could work without running short on yarn (and how you can do that, too!)  I also talk for a minute about how I fudged the neckline on my Cala Luna sweater, and how you shouldn't be afraid to do the same.

I show you a new project that I cast on for Mom's Christmas gift (which I'm not linking, just in case Mom is reading the show notes.  I posted the name on the screen as I was beginning to talk about the project, so you can just search it on Ravelry if you want to know more about the pattern.)

There's a little bit of enabling, as I show you 4 new recent purchases.

And I have a couple new podcast recommendations for you: Arne & Carlos and On Being with Krista Tippett.

I also talk about the Indie Design Gift-a-Long, which begins TOMORROW!  There is a 25% off sale that runs Nov 21 (8pm EST) to midnight (EST) on Nov 28.  Use the code "giftalong2017" on any sale bundle patterns from any of the participating can use the code as many times as you wish!  Then, hop on over to the KALs and join in on the camaraderie, games, and knitting support that will be available until December 31st.  Work on your holiday knitting, or knit a gift for yourself - it's always a lot of fun!