Sunday, December 30, 2012

May I Pick Your Brain?

Brilliant knitters, I need your help!

I have two patterns-in-progress that use double knitting.  To help knitters who are new to the technique, I posted a couple tutorial videos.  I wasn't sure what to label the cast-on video, because I don't know the "real name" of this cast-on. 

If you recognize the cast-on used in the following video, can you please post the name of it in the comments?  I will be so thankful for your help!


  1. Maybe a German or Tubular Cast On?

  2. I should have followed up with this post! Knitter extraordinaire, Kelly, did a little detective work and told me that it is an "Alternating 2-Color Long-Tail Cast-on". I've seen a couple other videos on the web that look just like that and are labeled with that name. It could also be referred to as "Alternating 2-stranded long-tail cast-on" if someone wanted to work this cast-on with 2 strands of working yarn coming from 2 different balls of the same color yarn.