Saturday, December 5, 2015

An Interview with GAL Designer: Lisa Chemery

Madame Entrechat © Lisa Chemery

Welcome to another interview with an Indie Design Gift-along designer! This week, I hope you enjoy reading about Lisa Chemery, who you may better know as "Frogginette".

• How did you become part of the knitting community?

My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was about 7, but I wasn't very interested. I picked up my needles again in my early 20s, and discovered Ravelry a few years later, in 2008. I started designing and selling my patterns around that time.

• Is there a knitting resource that you would recommend to others (a book, video, pattern, tutorial series, podcast, etc)?

I really enjoy Ysolda Teague's and Rililie's tutorials as well as Robin Hunter's blog "How to become a professional knitter." I've also recently discovered and enjoyed the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur podcast by Marie Segares.

Entrechat © Lisa Chemery

• What motivated you to begin publishing patterns for others to use?

I wasn't seeing the kinds of children's designs that I wanted to knit and I thought others might like to knit them as well.

• So far, your designs focus heavily on children’s knits. Do you have any adult designs in the works, or do you strongly prefer pattern writing for children? 

I do have adult designs on my to-do list but it seems that they always get pushed to the back burner, ha! It seems that I am not patient enough to work on adult-sized garments at the moment! I always have more ideas than I can handle and I like to move on to the next project quickly. I also have so much fun designing for babies and children, that's what really inspires me right now.

Tiered Coat and Jacket © Lisa Chemery
Tartlette © Lisa Chemery

• Have you ever had that “NOW I feel like a real designer!” moment? Tell me about that.

I think the response I got when I published my Tiered Baby Coat years ago was so strong that I thought, ok, you might be on to something here. But I was still wondering if it was a fluke, a one-time hit. But then came Entrechat, Latte Baby Coat etc... And it seemed clear that I had found my audience. 

• What is your favorite knitting trick or tip? 

I really like the look of the I-cord edging and the I-cord bind off.

• What knitting notion can you not live without?

Clover locking stitch markers

• Do you have a favorite design (of your own)?

That's a very difficult question to answer. You are kind of asking whether I have a favorite child, haha! I like all my designs for different reasons.

• Do you have an under-appreciated design?

Yes, I would say that my Framboise top and my Petite Feuilles Booties have not done as well as I hoped. I love them both! My daughter got so much wear out of the booties, I found them to be very warm and practical.

• What is your knitting or designing resolution for 2016?

Knit faster!!

10 Quickie Questions:

Tutu Top © Lisa Chemery
Neutrals or Brights? Both!
Metal or Bamboo? Bamboo
Felt-able wool or super wash? Superwash
Color work or cables? Colorwork (though I would have answered cables last month!)
Solids or tonals? Tonals
Fun fur or ruffle yarn? Mmmm... I can't abide either I'm afraid.
Self-striping or variegated? Variegated
Scarves or shawls? Scarves
Garter or Stockinette? Garter
Dpns or magic loop? Dpns

Where to find Frogginette:

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, Lisa!

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