Monday, October 9, 2017

Show Notes: Episode 19

This episode begins with a few non-knitting topics:

First, we draw for the Christmas yarn & bag giveaway winner!

I won't spoil the fun by posting the winner's name here, but here's a link to a "consolation discount" I came up with.  The Color Packs & Stash Scraps e-book of 13 stash-busting (or mini-skein-using) patterns will be discounted to $9.99 for the entire month of October!  (The page I link to still lists the price as $14.99, but on the checkout screen, you should see a 5.00 discount, which will make it $9.99.)

Then we talk about Deep-Cleaning/Organizing your house.  Here's a link to the cleaning/organizing schedule I show in the podcast.  Scroll down just past the pink & yellow graphic that declares "The best way to get things done is to simply begin!" and you'll see 10 links labeled with the months and the part of the house that month focuses on.  If you click into each of these monthly links, you will find a printable page that lists all the suggested tasks to focus on for that month.

Next, we talk disaster relief.  I'm fortunate to have never been the recipient of disaster aid, but I did see many people I know personally go through the experience of losing their homes and all their possessions in a tornado that hit our town back in 2013.  Through what I learned from them and what I saw first-hand as my family and I participated in the recovery process, I have a few nuggets of wisdom that I can offer to anyone who wants to send help to areas that have recently experienced a disaster.

I spoke a little bit about finding local organizations that are leading the recovery efforts because when our town was hit by the tornado, we found it was the local churches that were organizing and deploying volunteers, and the city itself that set up a tax-deductible fund that collected donations that were later dispersed to local people who needed the help.  Another organization I forgot to mention that was a HUGE help was Team Rubicon.  They are military veterans who organize and head out to any area that needs recovery help.  In our town, they were here very shortly after the tornado struck, and they were helping to clear lots of debris, helping to cut down trees that were torn up by the tornado but still barely standing, and just generally doing everything they could to serve the community and to help as much as they can in the initial clean-up effort.  If you're looking for a disaster relief group to support, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better group of people than Team Rubicon.

As for the knitting, that begins at the 27:00 mark!

I talk about 3 different hat patterns that haven't been named yet and will soon be ready for test knitting.  You can find the test-knit threads on the Trappings and Trinkets discussion board here.

Then we talk briefly about a couple different heel treatments:

The No-Wrap, No-Gap Short Row Heel
and the Fleegle Heel

I show off a little Lemonade Shop yarn

and I tempt you with some delicious dairy-free peanut brittle!

If you want to leave a comment on the Ravelry group thread for this episode you can find that here.

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