Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cable-y Goodness!

I've been feeling cable-y lately.  First, the cable-needle-less twists of the Twisted Hipster hat and now a fancy cable on something else entirely.

I think you've seen the swatch I worked up for this cable done in tweedy orange yarn.  I'm making this lovely for the Knit Picks IDP program, and when I took a look at their color selection in the yarn I wanted to use (City Tweed Aran/HW), I was really torn between the orange and the Jacquard blue.  I finally went with blue because I'm releasing an orange sweater later this month.  I thought I'd make an attempt at knitting my sample garments in a variety of colors and this lovely, rich blue is unlike anything I've used so far.

Here's the bad news: it's a garment you'd wear in chilly weather, and since I haven't even knitted the sample yet, it's not going to get tested in time to release it while it's still chilly in the northern hemisphere.  So I'll be keeping this one somewhat under wraps until next fall.  (Eek!  SO HARD TO DO!!)

I thought I'd show you how I swatch, too.  I'm always a little yarn-paranoid when I'm knitting, nervous that somehow I've underestimated the amount I've bought and afraid that I'm going to run short.  I can't actually remember ever coming up short at the end of the project, but my paranoid persists, regardless of reality.  So, to aid in my ability to use every last inch, I always leave my swatches attached to the balls of yarn I knit them with, so I don't have extra joins in the middle of my projects.  So, I can knit two swatches, one from each end of a skein, bind them off and knot them at the end, then I hand wash them and allow them to dry.

For this sweater, I ended up having to do 6 separate swatches, but it's all good....I finally have all the gauge measurements I need!  Here are 4 of them - numbers 5 & 6 have already been unraveled and used in the project!

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