Thursday, March 7, 2013

Staying Afloat

I've had a week.  For real.

I wrote a blog post about it last night, and it's just waiting for a specific picture before I can publish it.

In the meantime, I took 600 other photos today because I've been photographing a new cowl/hood thing.  Side note: Do people wear giant hoods like this?  I'm guessing that perhaps people who live in cities where they spend a significant amount of time walking might enjoy a really warm hood such as this.  But as a suburban/rural lady, I just don't get cold enough in my car to warrant a giant wool hood.  If I was an outside winter-walk-taker though, I might!

Anyway, here are a few from this morning....

I'm sure that lots of girls, like me, had about 5 minutes during their teen years where they thought it would be fun to be a model.  Someone else does your hair and make-up, you get to wear fun clothes, and really, how hard can it be to pose for a camera?

Let me just pause here and say that I took about 600 pictures today, and about 20 of them were keepers.  It's that hard to pose for the camera!

Anyway, I'm 5'5", like to eat chocolate chip cookies, and enjoy spending my days doing things that really make me think, so it's not like I spent more than 5 minutes thinking about the fantasy of what it might like to model.  On top of that, I'm not a person who really "does" her hair, nor am I particularly skilled at applying make-up.  However, I have been working through a little health problem over the past year though that causes me to have hives, or at least weird red streaks, randomly on my skin a good portion of the time.  So in the absence of make-up skills, I've developed a good relationship with the "airbrush" option on my photo editing software!

So mornings when I know I need to photograph my knitwear are not my favorite.  And this morning, I knew I had to have my hair up, in order to clearly show the cowl, so I had to scrounge for bobby pins.  I don't think I did too badly....I attempted to look at Pinterest for hair ideas, but everything I clicked on was just a photo of a hair style, no instructions.  Fail.  It appears that people are forgetting the "please link to original web post" rule that makes Pinterest such a great site.

If I was smart, I'd start recruiting more adult models so I could just play photographer.  But it's just so much easier in the knitting process to double-check the fit on myself as the sample garment is coming together and not have to worry about checking in with someone else.  Plus, I do like being able to do a photoshoot on the spur of the moment if the weather is cooperative or the environment is just right.  (Today's snowy shoot won't work after today since the snow is supposed to melt this weekend.  And when I went out to shoot my Hearth Sweater in January, I had an amazing foggy day that I got to use as a backdrop.  That's tricky to do when you're trying to coordinate schedules with someone else!)

At any rate, I did manage to get clear shots of everything I needed.  Or, more accurately, I got clear shots of most of the things I needed to show, but I had one gaping hole in my photography, which I realize when I got home and downloaded the photos from my camera.  So, I went outside and finished in my yard.  Good thing everything is covered in makes my yarn appear more or less photogenic!

Feel like taking this pattern out for a spin?  Click on over to the test thread here!

So that's it for now....I promise to get the other picture taken as soon as possible so I can share a little more with you about the week we've had around here!

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