Friday, February 7, 2014

Ravellenic Games Cast-On!

Are you in?  Projects ready?  Cast-on is at 10am (Central Standard Time Zone) today!  I've been training hard all week - winding yarn cakes, swatching, blocking, measuring, swatching again, writing a pattern for the baby dress project, working on my WIP…. I'm heading to my favorite yarn shop to cast-on this morning in the company of my team mates.  I'm planning to bring 2 of my 3 planned projects, because the third is already getting a little on the large size for "travel knitting".  

Here's what I've ended up with:
This natural-colored yarn is going to become a baby/toddler dress.  It will be a sample for a pattern I'll release in March or April.  

How delightfully sheep is that yarn?

This happy rainbow is going to become a pair of striped socks.  I'm not up for boycotting the Olympics or the Ravelry version just because Russia has some major human rights opinions that I happen to disagree with.  But, I can't just let it go by without mentioning it, because I happen to think that everyone deserves a chance to be happy, no matter who they love.  So, I added in this rainbow sock project as not so much as protest as a declaration.  Maybe less worrying about gay folks, Russia, and more worrying about making your water drinkable and removing the open wiring from your hotel shower stalls.  

My last project will be entered in the "WIP Dancing" event (that's "work-in-progress" for any knitting muggles reading the blog).  It's the sweater I've already started for my very patient husband.  Top-down raglan with a wide-rib pattern.  I got to try what I have finished so far on him last night and it looks perfect!  Another 4-5 days and this one will hit the finish line!

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