Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Snowflake Girl

I was waiting and waiting these past couple weeks to get outside and take pictures of my next knitting pattern release.  Central Illinois in November pretty typically has right temperatures in the 50s, so I was reasonably confident that I could take pictures without freezing solid.  But I forgot to factor in the predictions that this winter was going to be another beast of a season, supposedly colder and snowier than the one we had last year, if that's even possible.  Judging by the fact that right now it's 12 degrees with a wind chill of -1, I guess the predictions are starting to come true.

So that just makes me happier than I made this lovely double-thick scarf to keep me cozy this winter.  I'll be outside shoveling my car out of the garage in knitterly style!

Make the long (48") version and it's perfect to wear long as an indoor accessory or twisted over on itself to keep your neck warm outside.  The shorter version (24") will keep your neck cozy without feeling like you're wearing a tight neck brace. Check out testers' project pages here to see the shorter version, as well as some beautiful variations on the color, and one lovely cowl that uses a yarn with long color-changes.  
The long version can also double as a head/neck wrap that might come in handy once Mother Nature really hits her stride this winter.  Loop this cowl over your head and neck, then pull your hood over the back and you'll be ready for whatever the weather can come up with!  
This pattern is written with the novice double-knitter in mind.  Some basic "Double Knitting Rules" are given, as well as a link to a video demonstrating how to work double-knit fabric.  If you're a knitter who can knit, purl, work in the round, and do a long-tail cast-on, you can be successful with this pattern.  If you're a more advanced knitter who likes a challenge, suggestions for a more complex (and elegant-looking) cast-on and bind-off is given.  These options will allow the cast-on and bind-off edge to not let the background color from the opposite side show - each side will only have it's own background color on the edges.  

Many, many thanks to testers who worked on this project!  LTimms, herzleid, queenbayman, woollykim, KirstenLund - I love that your chose such a wide variety of color combos, and I'm especially impressed by the couple of you that jumped right in with this as your first double-knitting project. Thanks so much for the time & work you put into testing this pattern!

Snowflake Girl is available now on Ravelry.  

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