Thursday, July 12, 2012

In Honor of July 12th... are 12 random facts about Nicole!

1. I have known my husband since we were 19, when I called into his college radio program and dedicated a song to him to get his attention. We had only met once, about a year before I made that move. It worked.

2. I come from a very creative family. Just between my parents, grandparents & great-grandparents, I think we have all the bases covered from music to painting, crocheting, quilling, sewing, embroidery, woodworking, and probably any other made-by-hand skill you can think of.

3. I am a cat person. About 4 years ago, we had to install an "invisible fence" and I used it to train our cats to stay in our yard. (Not something I would have chose...more oof a necessity created by our nutty neighbor.)

4. When I used to imagine my life as a wife & mom, I always knew I would work from home, but I never imagined that it would be as a knitwear designer. My other work-from-home job is that of a piano teacher. I still do that, too.

5. About 5 years ago, my friend invited me to a "Sangria & Knitting" night. I don't usually care for sangria, but I was immediately hooked on the knitting!

6. I love to play piano & sing Broadway & pop music. I played the violin in junior high & high school, then gave birth to a boy who screamed every time I tried to play. I can play "Take Me Home Country Roads" on the guitar (and that's just about it!)

7. I could be alone for a solid week and be perfectly happy. One of my kids is just like me. The other would be thrilled if she saw her friends every single day.

8. I would love to have a beautiful garden, but I don't enjoy the work it requires. I've planted quite a bit of landscaping in my yard but I apparently need to hire someone to keep it up. For now I settle for looking at weeds 90% of the time, then occasionally taking two solid weeks to spruce it all up.

9. I am a night owl. It kills me to get up before 7am, but it's easy for me to stay up until 2am.

10. I'm good enough at scrabble that most of my friends won't play with me anymore (this includes my husband). I do have a couple stoic friends & an aunt who still challenge me to games. (Thanks, guys!)

11. The last time I sang kareoke was at a bachelorette party 14 years ago. I believe I may have danced on a speaker.

12. I think we'd all be better off if all the 24-hour cable news channels disappeared.

Now you know a little more about me, so introduce yourself with a random fact in the comments and let me know you're out there!


  1. My name is Jason and I date women who call me up at my radio show.

    I am also a fan of awesome people who create knitted masterpieces out of thin air.

  2. My name is Natalie and I was a bratty younger sister who tried to read my sister's diary and borrowed her clothes without asking. Sorry! We get along much better now! :)