Monday, February 18, 2013

Sweater Fail

I was very happy with the way the Dream In Color yarn softened up in the wash.  (I even threw it in the washer on the gentle cycle rather than hand washing, as I normally would.)

But for real, this sweater had it in for me.  

After blocking, my gauge actually matched the pattern gauge.  So, even though I did my original swatching in the round, my swatch totally lied to me. 

Ok, that happens.

Because I wanted my finished dimensions to be slightly smaller than the dimensions in the pattern, and I thought I was knitting with slightly more stitches per inch than the pattern gauge, I actually use the neckline/chest stitch counts.

Obviously, the top of this sweater is not my friend (nor was the bottom, nor were the sleeves).

And since my swatch was such a lying liar, it turned out more like a sweater dress (and check out how long those underarm seams ended up.  I doubt they were supposed to extend halfway down to my elbow!)

So, while waiting for my children in the dentist's waiting room this morning, I turned my sweater into this:

Note to self: Knitting Muggles are not used to people unraveling clothing in public.  The receptionist definitely thought I was nuts.

I did some figuring this morning before I destroyed the sweater so I could reknit it into something that fits better.  So, I'll be doing it again and still basing it on the idea of this pattern, but changing more of the numbers.  Cross your fingers for me that it comes out sized for me and not for Andre the Giant this time!

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