Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The Sweater Knit-A-Long that we're hosting in the Trappings and Trinkets Ravelry group is chugging right along!  Everyone has picked their pattern and most people have chosen their yarn, though some are still waiting for it to be delivered.  One knitter is even spinning her own yarn from her own sheep as she knits up her Hearth Sweater!  (I feel like I may have mentioned this on the blog before, but I have to mention it again because I am so in awe of her skills!)  I love that in the space where the project page asks you to enter the name of the yarn you used, she just wrote "Madame Carole", the name of her sheep.

As for me, I am loving my second Leap of Faith sweater.  I'm making it out of gorgeous madelinetosh sock yarn in the Composition Book Grey colorway.  I keep trying to force myself to do other work during the day and limit my "fun" knitting to after 9 pm and on weekends, but as you can see, I've been cheating a little bit.  This project is just such a great "do it while you're waiting" project (lots of stockinette, and shaping and cables are very easy to remember), so I take it with me when I have to wait somewhere.  It's also great for "social knitting", so it comes with me to Knit Night and got even more attention while we were visiting my in-laws last weekend.

I finished my shoulder plackets last night during my "after 9 pm" knitting (it took about an hour to knit both of them), so this morning I was excited to seam the shoulder and check the fit.  I was even more excited when I saw it was all perfect and that I could move on to the sleeves & hood.

BUT NOT YET!  I really am going to work on some other stuff and force myself to only do this during "fun knitting" hours.  I have a summer top pattern that is kind of in limbo right now.  I've finished the sample, but I'm not 100% thrilled with it, so I need to do a little tweaking and re-knitting, then grade the pattern for a range of women's sizes.  I have also had the Salsa Shrug on the back burner, and it's time to work on that pattern as well.  Add to that the headband pattern that has been dancing around my head, but still hasn't gotten knit.  I guess I really do have plenty on my plate, so I guess my Leap is going to have to be patient with me!

Speaking of the KAL, it's not too late to join us!  You can work on any of my 10 sweater patterns, using any yarn you like.  The KAL ends June 30, but that still gives you plenty of time (and there are no knitting police who will knock on your door if you don't finish in time!)


  1. I didn't realize there is an after 9 pm for knitting. That is this pregnant girl's bed time.

  2. I remember the days of having a "real" bedtime when I had a normal person job! These days I try to get to sleep by 11, but then, I'm not pregnant! :)