Wednesday, June 5, 2013

KAL Prizes!

So, starting this KAL was kind of spur-of-the-moment, which is why I wasn't all organized on prizes when it began.  I've been in contact with a few generous people who offered to donate prizes for some of the people who finish the KAL by our end date of June 30th!

Here are the goodies:

First, Teresa (or Lileesgram on Ravelry) offered up anything in her Etsy shop for $9.99 or less (or that amount off a higher-cost purchase.)

She has four pages of inventory to choose from, but among my Under $10 favorites were this fun sock yarn.....

....some nice, smooth-looking stitch markers that wouldn't catch on anything (as is often my problem with this "dangly-style" of marker).....

....and some pretty ribbon-covered magnetic place markers to use with printed patterns so you can easily follow the line you're reading in a chart or mark where you left off in written instructions.

Make sure to check out her Etsy shop here.

I briefly considered giving away coupon codes for a few free patterns from my collection, but I got to thinking about the people who I've come to know as my customers.  The awesome thing about them is that when I release a new pattern, I see a lot of familiar names in the crowd that buys new stuff immediately.  So I wondered if someone who was just completing one of my patterns would be super excited about winning another as a prize.  (And I don't mean that in a "woe-is-me-I'm-not-worthy" sort of way.  I just mean it in a "there's-a-big-world-out-there-and-I'm-not-the-center-of-it" sort of way.)  So instead of offering up more of my own stuff, I decided to contact a few designers whose work I admire and ask them if they'd donate a free pattern.  I get to give a shout-out to some people who are doing great work and possibly introduce you to some designers you might not already be familiar with!

The first lovely designer is Amy Miller (amymiller on Ravelry).  You may know her from Rayures, a striped infinity scarf she designed for the Quince & Co publication "Scarves, Etc."  She caught my attention when she put out "Sperry", the sweater pattern pictured at right, a couple months ago.  Now that I look back through her older patterns, there are plenty of things I would wear!

Someone who completes the KAL is going to win a free pattern from her collection!

I found Diana Rozenshteyn (deenulya on Ravelry) because I've been loving her Bubblemania scarf for many moons.  She has a number of lovely shawl patterns as well, including the one pictured at left, Afterglow, and the green one below, Once Upon a Leaf.

Three lucky winners will each get a free download from her collection!

Ruth Garcia-Alcantud (or rockandpurl on Ravelry) was the third designer I contacted (and can you believe that they were all awesome enough to offer patterns??), and she said that she wanted to donate one garment pattern and one accessory pattern, too!

If I  was picking one of her garment patterns to knit, I think I'd go for Echoes of Winter, the pullover pictured at left.

Looking through her accessories, the pretty stitch patterns in her Libelula Shawl caught my eye.

I'll get to draw two winners who will each get to download a free Rock and Purl pattern!

Finally, I'm donating a bit of yarn from my own stash.  I bought 3 skeins of Quince & Company's Finch yarn last year with the intention of making a baby dress from it.  Then I ended up using one of the skeins for my Pastoral Cowl, so I probably don't have enough left for my original baby dress idea.

That'll be lucky for one winner though, who could make a pair of socks, a Pastoral Cowl, some legwarmers, or a scarf from these two skeins - 442 yds of Quince & Co's Finch yarn in the Clay color way.

If you're already in the KAL, just make sure to post your finished photo to the prize thread by June 30 to be eligible for the prize drawing.  If you aren't already knitting with us, it's not too late!  Many of the sweaters in my collection could take less than a month to complete, so feel free to join in any time!


  1. Thanks for turning me onto these new for me designers! I just realized that I already had a favorite in the Bethany Wrap from Amy. Just bought Afterglow tonight, going to love doing this one.

  2. I'm glad to hear it, Penny! I figured there was a good chance that if blog readers like my design choices, it's likely that they would like the other designers that I admire. Afterglow looks like it has a very unique edging. That would be fun to do!