Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wanted: The Perfect Pattern

Check it out!

Once a month, the Knit Night I go to encourages spinners to bring their wheels and their hand-spinning thing-a-ma-jigs so they can all spin together while the less multi-craftual of us keep working on our knitting.  One of the ladies, we'll call her Meredith, since that's the name of her wheel, was working on spinning up the most beautiful, glowy puff of merino & tussah silk.  It was full of magic and stardust and was dyed some of my favorite colors - purple, blue with a bit of dark limey green.  I just wanted to grab it, rub it on my face, sniff it, and run away with it before Meredith could get out from behind her wheel and chase me down.

Instead of indulging my primitive instincts, I just complimented it instead.  I am not a spinner, so I have a hard time looking at a batt and visualizing what it's going to look like as a finished skein of yarn, but I figured she just couldn't go wrong starting out with something so lovely.  I knew it would spin up into something special!

So imagine my surprise when Meredith showed up to Knit Night last week with the finished skein and GAVE IT TO ME.  (Thank you, Meredith!  You know who you are!)   Oh my goodness.  Now, I already tend to have the disease called "I can't knit this Very Special Yarn until I have found the Perfect Pattern" anyway, but when this feeling is aimed at a one-of-a-kind skein of yarn that I know I'll only have one chance at, this disease comes on even stronger!  So right now, I really have no idea what I will turn this into.  It's about 350 yards of sport-weight yarn.  I'm thinking perhaps some kind of scarf, but with the variation in color, it can't have too crazy a texture going on.  I'm not sure yet if it'll knit up into stripes, long color-changes or crazy variegated color splotches....when I start swatching, the way the color comes out may change my mind about what I want to do with it.

If you have any fantastic patterns I need to see that use 350 yards or less of lighter weight yarn, I'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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