Sunday, June 16, 2013

Knit In Public Week

 If you follow my Facebook Trappings & Trinkets page, this post is going to be old news.  But for those of you who don't....

Last week was World Wide Knit in Public Week!  The point is to promote the fiber arts by sharing our craft in public.  This is not a new thing for me, since I'm someone who almost always grabs a project on the way out the door just in case I get stuck waiting in a line, waiting for my kids, or I have a little time to kill while I'm out doing something else.  But I'm always up for a challenge, so when the ladies at my LYS said that the goal this week was to knit in 5 public places, I decided to see how many places I could get a little stitching done at!

I started on Monday, bringing my project along when my daughter and I went out to lunch.  She ate a little slower than I did, so I finished a few rows while she finished her broccoli & cheddar soup.

On Tuesday, she and I were out again.  I got a little knitting done while we were waiting for her appointment at the orthodontist's office, then brought it to lunch when we met my husband at Noodles & Company.  Yes, I eat lunch at restaurants far too much.

I was pretty busy on Wednesday working on some painting repairs in my foyer.  But by the time my daughter's softball game rolled around that evening, I was ready for a little knitting.  At this very windy game, I learned a little lesson about lace charts not being a good match for windy days.

I got a ton of knitting done on Thursday.  We had 4 hours total in the car, picking our son up from the summer camp he had spent the week at.  My fantastic husband drove both ways, which left me free to knit.  I took my knitting in to the restaurant we had lunch at, too.

On Friday, I started off the morning bright & early with a doctor's appointment. It's a new doctor, so I carefully packed the old medical records I wanted to supply the new office with, then I grabbed my knitting bag.  Somehow, I managed to drop the envelope of records without noticing before I got out the door, so I arrived at the doctor's office 25 minutes later with just the knitting bag.

Turns out, the guy kept me waiting for over an hour, so I was glad it was the records I forgot and not y project bag!

Later in the day, I went to my LYS to knit a bit and chat with the owners.  They had two deliveries from Three Irish Girls and Malabrigo, so I picked the right day to stop by!

Over this past week, I definitely saw more people than usual knitting, crocheting & spinning in public.  So, I think that many people in my area must have gotten the memo.  How about you?  Did you make a point of taking your project out into the world last week?  Do you have a favorite place to knit outside of your own home?  I always like going to Knit Nights at my LYS, but I am very grateful to have a project along when I get stuck in the waiting room of a doctor, dentist, or when picking up my kids who are running late at an activity!

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  1. Great job! I managed to get photographs of myself Knitting in Public in 19 spots ... then there were just 2 or 3 more when the knitting was with me but the camera was not ... all-in-all a fun-filled, educational week : ) X-----0 KnittingLynn