Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Orchard Release!

And the Big Day is finally here!  The Orchard Sweater, conceived very early this year, has patiently waited its turn for release.  (Certainly, it has waited more patiently than I have!)  I have many test knitters to thank for working up this pattern.  As always, the final version of this pattern is far better than it was when you received it, and that is completely due to your willingness to question things that seemed odd or unclear.  I couldn't do this without you!  So thank you: peal, cornflowerknits, JudyeNaz, crystalvisions, REJ, ShelbyWoo, and Yarn-Dar.  You ladies are the best!

Speaking of the fabulous testers, I wanted to share some of their project pictures on this release post.  Because let's face it, it's relatively easy for a designer to knit their own design and make it look good in pictures.  The real test it whether other knitters can do the same!

JudyeNaz is the poster child for "if she can do this, so can you!"  I believe she said this was only her third adult sweater, and I think it was the first project she's taken on that required much in the way of cabling.  She told me it stretched her skills in a few different ways and she couldn't wait to make it again.  And can you believe how cute she looks in it?  She chose to make her pullover in the recommended yarn, Knit Picks City Tweed HW, and I think the color she chose is a great neutral.

Cornflowerknits was another tester who chose a great neutral, but on her project page, she mentioned not loving the yarn she used.  Apparently the Tahki Yarns Tara Tweed is a pretty rustic yarn and contains a lot of veg matter.  She ended up picking a lot of stuff out of the yarn as she knit,  so if that sort of thing bothers you, you might want to cross this yarn off your list.

Still, I think her finished sweater turned out great, and the cables "pop" nicely in this yarn.  So all that picking might have been worth it!

One of my favorite features of this sweater is the large collar.  It can be worn flat or it can be buttoned up and worn folded over as a cowl-y turtleneck.  Button holes are cleverly hidden in the cabled edging.

This close-up collar photo from crystalvisions was taken before the buttons were sewn on, so it gives you a clear view of what the cabled edging looks like before the buttons are added.

And finally, here's a photo from Yarn-Dar, who made this pretty heathered periwinkle pullover out of Ella Rae Classic worsted-weight wool.  I was a little nervous about her choice, wondering if she'd have to go with a too-loose fabric to get gauge, which might make the cables sag rather than stand out, but I think she ended up with a lovely result.  And the heathered effect was a fun variation from the other projects that were all done in either solid or tweedy yarns.

Ready to make your own?  Head on over to the Ravelry pattern page and download a copy of this new pattern.  Before you know it, the weather will be just right for wearing cozy pullovers again!

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