Friday, October 11, 2013

Pro Tip:

After you cast 300+ stitches onto your circular needle to begin your bottom-up sweater, really check to make sure that your stitches aren't twisted before you join your work in the round.

I mean, really make sure they're all facing the same way.  Fiddle with them and fiddle with them some more, really checking that nothing is twisted.

Spend a good 10 minutes on it, because you know how deceiving that cast-on row can be (and yes, I know the trick about working a few rows flat before you join just to make it easier to see, but I am lazy and seaming up that little spot just seems like way more work than it's worth!)

Once you've checked and re-checked, muttered a mild threat along the lines of "You'd better not be twisted", and are completely convinced that the knitting is being joined straight, go ahead and join.

On those first few rows, keep re-checking yourself to make sure that you really don't have a twist, because, as you know, sometimes you can be completely convinced that you joined your knitting without any twists, only to find out 4 rows later that there was indeed an evil little twist hiding in there somewhere.

It happens to the best of us.  It took me a good 10 rows to realize I had twisted this little so-and-so, but I was already kind of experimenting, so I continued my experiment a little longer since I knew there was a good chance I'd want to pull it out and start over anyway.  So all in all, not a huge deal, but I had REALLY checked and rechecked this thing before I joined it!  What gives??

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  1. I've been making some linen st cowls with leftover sock yarn, casting on over 300. After making several, I'd knit almost 2" on another to finally realize I HAD twisted the CO. When redoing it I changed to a needle with a longer cable and that made it a lot easier to really see that the sts were not twisted this time.