Monday, October 14, 2013


So this weekend, I started my twisted pink sweater not one or two, but THREE more times (that's four times total for those of you who are keeping track.)  Each time, I cast on an obscene amount of stitches, knit between 8 and 18 rows and only THEN did I see the truth: that my knitting was twisted.  BOTH times, I looked at those stitches, manipulated them, checked them, and convinced myself that "No, these stitches are not twisted," before i joined them.  After one row I'd check again, then after a few more rows...each time deciding that THIS time I had done it right!  Then once I was an inch or two into it, I'd realize that my stitches had LIED to me again.

So remember that "knit it flat, join it later" thing that I said I didn't want to do?  Well, I'm doing it.  I'll re-start a project four times, but I am not going to restart it a fifth time!  I got through the ribbing this weekend and am looking forward to getting into the honeycomb stitch pattern today.

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