Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Release: Borderline

I am a sucker for gray.  It is, I believe, second only to my love of blue.

So when I saw a gradient set that transitioned from a beautiful sky blue all the way to a deep, deep gray?  Well, obviously I had to do get busy concocting a plan to turn this set into something beautiful.

Lucky for me, this set was perfect for an idea that I had been kicking around.....a fringy shawl that could be worn like a scarf, covered in crocheted flowers.  It was going to be a work of art!

And then I made it.  Sometimes you just don't anticipate how all those flowers are going to weigh your shawl down and make it hang weirdly.  

And that's why it's important to be flexible.  The practical reality of my idea, which was subject to gravity, just didn't have the ethereal, flowers-floating-lightly-along-the-surface idea of the apparently magically enchanted shawl in my head.  And so I unpinned all the flowers I had pinned to the shawl and wrapped it around my neck.  

And you know what?  I kind of loved it.

My style is generally pretty simple.  I am not a fussy dresser.  It's unusual to see any jewelry on me except my wedding & family birthstone rings.  And so a shawl that plainly features the beautiful shades of this gradient pack set off by a fun bauble fringe is my perfect accessory.  

The finished shawl has a 56" wingspan and is about 17" deep, not counting fringe.  The perfect size to throw over your shoulders or wrap around your neck to wear as a scarf.  The knitting is super simple, and the fringe, although crochet, is pretty darn simple, too.  If you can make a crochet chain and you understand what a slip stitch is (or are willing to google it), you can make this crochet trim.  I include a link to a tutorial video that will demonstrate everything else you need to know.

Borderline is the first release of my new eBook collection, Color Packs & Stash Scraps.  If you tend to like my style, you might want to purchase the eBook this week because it is at the lowest price it will ever be offered.  I'm starting it off at a discounted rate for knitters who are willing to take the rest of the 12 projects on faith; each week as a new pattern is added to the collection, the price will go up a little bit until it is full price on December 22nd.  If you purchase the eBook before the full collection is released, you can look forward to a new pattern being added to your Ravelry library each week until the week of Christmas.

Thank yous for this pattern go out to the crew at Miss Babs for supporting this project with their gorgeous yarn, and to Kelly & Judye for testing this design.  Thank you so much for making this pattern possible!

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