Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Release: Layers and Links

You know how sometimes you see a yarn online and you think, "Ooooo, those colors are just gorgeous!  I must have it now!"?

And then the yarn comes and it is every bit as gorgeous as it looked online, and you're very pleased with your purchase?

Well, how many times has the yarn arrived and you've thought to yourself, "Oh my goodness, this yarn is even MORE BEAUTIFUL than it looked in the photos!  Obviously, camera technology of 2015 still has a way to go before it can capture the actual delightfulness of this yarn!"?

Knitters, I'm going to show you a picture here with a full disclaimer that any gorgeousness you infer from it will be multiplied once you see this yarn in person.  The colors are so bright and is a perfect bold rainbow of mini skeins, and I love it.  

This is the Iachos Mini Skein Set in the "Rainbow" colorway by A Hundred Ravens:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I didn't want any fussy stitch patterns or color work designs competing with this yarn....I just wanted to celebrate it in all its glory.  So stripes were the obvious choice.  But since my mantra for this collection was "No plain stripes.  Anybody can add stripes to any old pattern," I had to think a little harder.  And I came up with this fun twist on stripes.  It's a little stripe pattern where the colors are divided by a horizontal chain of stitches that imitates a crochet chain, but it 100% knitting:

Right?  So every 5 or 6 rows, you work a "chain link" round that you have to think about, and then you get 4 or 5 "rest rows" where it's just plain old stockinette.  That's my kind of knit!  And the result is a fun slouchy-style hat that will keep you cozy (fingering-weight is held double to give you a cushy fabric), and use up about 100g or less of mini skeins or stash odds & ends!                                                                         
So if you're in the mood for a quick mini skein / stash-busting project, and you have some yarn that is so lovely that you just want a simple pattern that gives that yarn a chance to show off, pick up the Layers and Links pattern here, or for a few dollars more, purchase the entire Color Packs & Stash Scraps eBook and look forward to a new pattern in your Ravelry library every week until Christmas!


  1. Everyone always asks us "what should we make with the mini skeins??"

    THIS. They should make THIS!!

    That's what they should make!!

    A Hundred Ravens official stamp of AWESOME!!!

    1. Thanks, Kate! It was a pleasure to work with your yarn. So, so pretty, and gives such a comfortable-to-wear finished fabric. I appreciate your support on this project!