Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New Release: Sweet Strokes

Do you know a girl who loooooves her leggings or her "skinny jeans"?  

How about a little girl who only wants to wear skirts, even in the dead of winter?

My own "independent dresser" started out as a strictly skirt girl, but has transformed over the past 5 years into the kid who only wants to wear leggings or skinny jeans.  But whatever stage she is in, leg warmers are a great accessory to keep her a little cozier when the weather turns chilly, or to just add a pop of color to an outfit!

You could not go wrong knitting these in Sweet Georgia's "Party of Five" color pack.  The color combinations are so fun, and the CashLuxe Fine yarn base is so buttery-soft, you will want these legwarmers to knit on forever.

And then you will want to find another project that will use up your leftovers because you will want to keep knitting with this yarn.

And then you will order CashLuxe yarn in a sweater quantity because, hey, the 500 yards in that mini skein knit up way too fast!

Anyway, I digress.... 

Sweet Strokes is a beginning-level color work pattern.  The chart is only a handful of stitches wide, and every 9-round stripe uses two 2-color rows where a little basic stranding is required (floats never have to pass behind more than 5 stitches), followed by 5 rows in a single color, then 2 more rows of stranding.  Add a little ribbing on the top & bottom and you've got yourself some leg warmers!

Sizes on this pattern are really flexible.  My "approximate fit" ages only go up to 10 yrs, but I can actually wear the largest size comfortably on my lower leg.  So it just depends how you want them to fit.

If you like a slightly baggy look (as is shown in these photos), measure your girl's leg just under the calf muscle.  This little model is 11" at that point and the 10" circumference size large fit her very well. (Her widest calf muscle measurement is 13", and the ribbing and upper section of the leg warmer easily stretch a few inches to accommodate her leg.)

Sweet Strokes is the third release of my Color Packs & Stash Scraps eBook.  Haven't purchased it yet?  It's still available at a price that is lower than it will be in the coming weeks.  You've seen 3 of the 13 projects so far, so if you like the look of the things you've seen so far, I'd encourage you to go for the whole set since it's still just a little more than the price of 2 patterns!  (Plus, you get the fun of a new pattern appearing in your Ravelry library every week until Christmas!)

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