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An Interview with GAL Designer: Vicky Chan

Julia © Vicky Chan
I've signed myself up for a couple of the Gift-along KALs!  I'll be making a Turtle Soup hat as a Christmas gift for my daughter, and I have been wanting to make an Alameda cowl because I've never tried mosaic knitting before, and since that pattern was included in the gift-along sale, I thought it was the perfect time to give it a try.  If I'm really nuts, I also have a mittens pattern earmarked and a sweater pattern, although I have to finish the sweater I'm working on now to see if I'll have enough yarn leftover for the gift-along sweater I'd like to make.  Whew!

I thought it would be fun to take a look through the Ravelry thread where participating designers are listed, and choose a few designers who have a pattern portfolio that looks particularly interesting.  I found 5 designers whose patterns I found particularly interesting, and I messaged them all with an interview.  I'm happy to report that all five of them responded, so I get to share their interviews and designs with you here over the next 5 weeks!

The first designer that I asked for an interview is Vicky Chan, glisteningsnow on Ravelry. Based in Ontario, she is the mom of two kids who likes to sew, draw, bake & read. I asked her to send a few photos that I could use along with her interview answers, and I was very happy that she sent a photo of Julia, a floral lace tunic that beautifully mixes knitting & crochet. I also love how it's styled in this photo, over simple leggings, so it almost has the effect of a dress. The way Vicky mixes knitting & crochet was inspiring to me, and all of her designs have a very elegant look to them. I'm sure they're a pleasure to make!

Clair © Vicky Chan
Iris © Vicky Chan

The Interview:

• What motivated you to begin publishing patterns for others to use?
My ultimate enjoyment of the entire process, from design ideas through to the release of the pattern.
• Is there a knitting resource that you would recommend to others (a book, video, pattern, tutorial series, podcast, etc)?

• In 3 words, describe your design style.
Classy, fresh and up-to-date.

• You aren’t afraid to combine knit and crochet in your designs. How do feel those patterns are received by pattern customers compared to your patterns that are made with only knitting or crochet?
Just as good.

• Your patterns are very much focused on lace. Where do you get inspiration for the lace patterns you use? Fashion magazines and Japanese craft mooks.

• Do you have favorite stitch dictionaries or do you tend to experiment and make up your own lace charts for your designs? Barbara Walker's Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

• What is your favorite knitting trick or tip? When my yarn is starting to tangle up, rather than trying to pull it apart, I shake and wiggle the yarn strand to detangle instead.

Irene © Vicky Chan

• What knitting notion can you not live without?
Tapestry needle to weave in ends.

• Do you have a favorite design (of your own)?
Irene. I have crocheted five and still plan to make another one.

• Do you have an under-appreciated design?
The sweater that I have wanted to design for my husband.

• What is your knitting or designing resolution for 2016?
I've never made any New Year's resolutions - I'm too impatient to wait for the New Year.

Angelina © Vicky Chan

10 Quickie Questions: 


Neutrals or Brights? Neutrals
Metal or Bamboo? Metal
Felt-able wool or super wash? Superwash
Color work or cables? Cables
Solids or tonals? Solids

Fun fur or ruffle yarn? Fun fur

Self-striping or variegated? Variegated 

Scarves or shawls? Scarves
Garter or Stockinette? Stockinette
Dpns or magic loop? Magic loop

For more Vicky, take a look at her:
Thanks so much for the interview, Vicky!

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