Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Release: Ziggy Pop & Odd Harmonics

I had my fingers crossed SO HARD in the days leading up to our road trip this summer.

I had already spoken to the lovely people at Miss Babs about a couple projects I wanted to make with their yarn.  They had responded enthusiastically, and had promised to ship the yarn soon.  And since both projects I had planned would make PERFECT car-knitting projects, I hoped the yarn would show up before we had to leave town.

And it did....just two days before we took off for South Carolina!  I wound up my yarn cakes, printed out the rough drafts to my patterns, and had my projects all ready to go.

But I totally underestimated how long an 18-hour drive each way was....two of my three projects were totally complete by the time we arrived at our destination, and the third project was about half finished.

And we still had many days of laying on the beach (and knitting), car rides on the way to day trips (and knitting), and the entire ride back still to come!

So what's a knitter to do?

As I sat on the beach one afternoon, I decided to take my leftovers from the hat I had completed in the car, and come up with a second hat pattern that would use up the remaining yarn.

And that's the story of how this two-hat pattern set was born!

Ziggy Pop uses simple color work to create a brightly patterned hat.  Yarn is held double throughout the project which gives you a cushy, cozy fabric.

Odd Harmonics features saw-toothed stripes that look more difficult than they are.  This is very much a beginner's pattern - each row uses only 1 color.  The stripe patterning is very flexible.  Adding & subtracting stripes to better match up with the yarn you are trying to use up is very simple, as is modifying how slouchy you want the back of your hat.

If you are making the largest size of both of these patterns from one "Leftie Set", I would recommend making "Ziggy Pop" first since that pattern is more difficult to fudge if you run short on yarn.  If you are making any other sizes, getting 2 hats out of one "Leftie Set" should be very easy.

My sample hats used Miss Babs' "Pewter & Rainbow" Leftie Set, which contains one 400 yd. fingering-weight skein (gray) and 5 mini skeins that are approximately 40 yds each.  Because the yarn is held double, the Ziggy Pop hat uses a little over half the main color and most of each contrast color.  The Odd Harmonics Hat will use less than half the skein of main color, and less than 15 yds of each contrast color.

Odd Harmonics is written for 4 sizes, from baby through Adult M/L.  Ziggy Pop is written for just 2 sizes: the smaller size will fit a small child and the larger size will fit a medium adult.

My husband and son insisted that both hats were good for girls OR for boys, except they said that the Ziggy Pop I made was "a little girlie" because of the pinky-red zig zag.  Strangely enough, they did not have the same objection about Odd Harmonics, even though I used the scraps of the exact same pinky-red yarn for one of the stripes.

Boys are weird.

Since they are sister (or brother) patterns, these two hats come as a set.  You just can't get one pattern without the other.  You can purchase the 2-hat pattern set from either the Ziggy Pop or the Odd Harmonics Ravelry pattern listing pages.  Or, if you still haven't bought the whole Color Packs & Stash Scraps collection, maybe now is the time!  These two hats are the 4th and 5th project to join the eBook, with 8 more to come!  Take a look at the Ravelry eBook listing page here to see the full collection.  And remember, the price inches up each week as another pattern is released, so it'll never be cheaper to purchase than it is right now!

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