Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New Release: Strips of Bits

This week's pattern is sponsored by the well over one hundred projects I've made so far out of light-weight yarn. The idea for it came from me looking at all the bits & bobs I had stashed in a couple tupperware boxes in my bedroom...little balls of yarn that aren't enough to really use as any significant part of a future project, but were too pretty to just throw away.  

It's a scrappy project that uses about 15 yards per row (7-8 yds of each color).  So work it from tiny balls of leftovers (like the blue scarf, at right), or mix together bigger quantities of leftovers (like the red scarf, above).  Either way, you'll be happy to free up some space in your leftover-yarn storage, and you'll get a colorful winter accessory out of it!

Strips of Bits is available now on Ravelry as a single pattern.  It is also the 9th project added to the Color Packs & Stash Scraps eBook collection.  If you've already purchased it, you can get this new pattern by clicking the "update available" button next to the eBook icon in your Ravelry library.  And if you haven't yet purchased the collection, you can find that here!

I owe Gloria, the lovely knitter who tested this scarf, a big thank you!  She did a great job with her scarf and contributed a couple suggestions that went above & beyond the realm of tester (but were so fabulous that I incorporated them into the pattern!)  She was the reason the pattern now calls for a specific cast on, and she's also the reason there are two methods of construction to choose from.  Thanks so much, Gloria!

Another big thank you goes to my little model, who helped me with the photos for this pattern, even though she was determined to make it a goofy photo shoot!

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