Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting Closer....

I have really been looking forward to writing my first adult top pattern.  And really, there's only been a couple minor hiccups along the way.  I've ripped back a couple times to get it right, but I want the fit to be perfect (for me, and for you when you make it!)  So it's taking a little while, but I think this will be my last rip-back (and it's not even a big one.)  The armhole depth that my fit chart gives me is a little too loose for this design, so I'm tearing it back down to the base of the arm holes and raising it up a bit.

But, I am loving how it's turning out - it's always exciting to see an idea you had actually exist in reality!

Please excuse the "my head is cut off" picture.  This is what happens when you balance the camera on top of the cat's scratching post and use the timer to take a picture of yourself!

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