Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 ....What I should (and want to) be doing today [that's "doing the final edits on my soon-to-be-released Guacamole Sweater pattern" in case you can't read the tiny print].
....What I'm actually doing today [that's "spray painting the mailbox and new house numbers so the siding installer can put them on the house before he's done working here tomorrow afternoon.]

For the last couple summers, I've had no delusions about getting any pattern work done.  This summer, I have 1 test knit I have to do (or will have to explain to Knit Picks in September why the pattern I promised them isn't ready, and we're not going to go there), and two test knits that I had to finish up because I ended up needing to extend the deadline on one of them.  As long as that stuff was already going on, I thought "Well, it isn't that big a deal to release that Guacamole pattern in June, and while I'm at it, maybe I should knit, write, and test the Tiny Dancer pattern for women and older girls?  That seems reasonable, right?" 

Well, it is, as long as I keep in mind that my summer schedule is not my own.  Many times it belongs to the kids, or the person who schedules softball season, it belongs to the siding guy and to the park district workers who schedule my son's basketball things.  I'm not complaining at all - I love that I can be home to keep my kids as active as they want to be in the summer, but if I fit a couple uninterrupted hours of pattern writing or editing in every two weeks or so, I consider myself lucky.

So, for today, I am a spray-paint artist.  Tomorrow, maybe I'll get to turn a little attention back to the medium I love best.

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