Thursday, June 28, 2012


I can not remember the last time I was so excited about releasing a pattern!  I adore everything about the way this sweater came out - I just wish my daughter was into wearing things her mom knits.  (But, alas, she's 9 and thinks I 'have no fashion'.)

Whether you're looking for a lightweight casual sweater for your little girl to wear over t-shirts or tank tops, or whether you need something for her to put on over a nicer dress, this little cardigan is extremely versatile.
Skills used that you may not be familiar with are twisted stitches, applied i-cord button band, and lifted increases.  All three are explained in-depth in the pattern, the first two have video links in the pattern, and there is an internet link in the pattern to refer you to an illustrated web article on lifted increases.

I dare you to try this sweater pattern - you won't be able to just make one!

Pattern purchasing link can be found in the "patterns" tab of this blog or in my Etsy shop (link in the right sidebar.)

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