Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Munchkin Dress

We're about halfway through the test-knit for this new little dress.  It's the same as the rainbow-striped one you may have seen me most about a month ago.

This dress has a few elements that are new to me, so it was a challenge to figure out the math and a challenge to write clear instructions....and unfortunately, I failed miserably on my first try.

In a normal test knit, I expect that a couple knitters will ask for clarification for one or two instructions, and they may even find a spot where my math is off, but beyond that, I haven't really had any major problems with test knits.  This one began as a total train wreck, and it was totally my fault.  I've not done a top-down v-neck design before, and figuring the math to get to the row where the sides join each other and you begin working in the round did not go well on the first try.  I had the right idea, but I forgot to figure in the numbers for the button band (in the back) as well, so that threw the whole production off.

Of course, this mistake was discovered the night before my family was supposed to leave for a weekend of fun in Chicago!  But thanks to a fabulous husband who did all the driving so I could re-work the math and get a correction out ASAP, two great kids who entertained themselves in the back seat and let me work, and 5 angelic testers who stuck with the project (I offered to let them out of the test, no hard feelings, since some had already knitted quite a bit through the incorrect pattern and were going to have to start over), we got it all worked out.  I decided to knit the smallest size along with the testers (actually, trying to stay ahead of the testers!) so I could double-check my work and catch problems before anyone else had to wonder about them.  And since we began this new version, we're having a great test - much more typical as far as what knitters are pointing out to be clarified / corrected!

I'm excited for the couple months to come.  The adult release of Tiny Dancer was well-received last week and the girl's version will likely publish next week.  Then, later in September I have a Top Secret sweater jacket (newborn - child's sizes) that I am SO excited about putting out....and at the beginning of October, this dress pattern should be ready to publish.  I also just sent a new proposal to Knit Picks Independent Designer's Program last week, so I'm hopeful that will be accepted.  That hat & mittens set should be ready to test in October and publish in November if it doesn't get held up at the proposal stage.  I haven't published much this summer, but I've been busy getting these patterns ready for you to enjoy this fall!

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