Thursday, October 25, 2012

And the winner is......

I was very excited that six people signed up for the Jazz Hands drawing!  I have always wondered if anyone beside my mom, grandma & sister read this knitting blog!  I know there were a few international readers who were bummed that I hadn't allowed enough time to mail the yarn overseas & get it back in time to photograph by the end of November.  I'm still getting the hang of this give-away thing, and next time I'll know to plan way ahead so I can include everyone!

But - it's time for the big reveal!  There were 10 comments, but only 6 of them were people who were wanting to enter.  So for our purposes, I'm putting the number 1-6 into the "random numbers" website.  The #1 entry is Knotty Wench, #2 is Amy Cho, and it counts down from there.  I'm just not counting the comments made by people who aren't entered (and myself) for the purposes of this drawing.

Ok, clicking over to the random numbers website....taking a screen capture..... and the winner is..... 

Number 6!  So that would be our last entry, Hannah, who is "Bananamiss" on Ravelry!

Hannah, let out a nice, loud, high-pitched squeal (not so much that your parents think something is horribly wrong, but just enough to let the excitement out!), then send me an e-mail and give me your full name and mailing address so I can get this yarn in the mail!  Click on the "contact" tab on this blog for an e-mail link, or send me a PM via Ravelry - my Rav name is "colie75".  I'm putting the finishing touches on the pattern, so I'll e-mail it to you early next week so you'll have it when your yarn arrives!

 Let's take another look at it, shall we?  Ahh....this yarn looks like it was spun from the water of the Caribbean Sea!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered.  And, it was so fun for me to host this give-away that I actually already have my next one planned.  Make sure to check back in early November.  I have a hat & mittens set that I have plans to release at that time, and I'll be doing a fun give-away that I'll coordinate with that release!
Until then, I'll try my best to entertain you with my other knitting adventures!

Happy Knitting!

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