Friday, October 19, 2012

Ready to Leap? took me a month to edit this pattern.  The delay was partially because I worked on this pattern as I took a "Sizing Knitwear" class.  I didn't have any revalations with the sizing information, but I was very eager to learn how to use Excel to figure the numbers for different sizes.  I think it will save me a little time in the future now that I know how to write formulas in the spreadsheet program.

Anyway, it's ready for testers!  It's definitely an intermediate'll be knitting in the round (hardly any purl stitches!), increasing, decreasing, using Kitchener Stitch, a three-needle bind-off, simple cabling and steeking.  Yes, I said steeking, but please don't let that discourage you.  I know it's the "final frontier" for a lot of knitters, but people....this was my very first steeking project.  If I can do it (while video taping!) and write about it, you can absolutely do it.  Just make sure you choose a yarn with a high wool content, watch the two steeking videos on my blog's video page, and read the tutorial on steeking that I include a link to in the pattern and you will be golden.  You will laugh at the fact that you used to be intimidated by taking scissors to your knitting (and you'll be armed with knowledge that will allow you to all but avoid purl stitches for the rest of your life!  How's that for motivation?)

If you want in, I just put up a testing thread on Ravelry here.  Come and join us!  It's like a knit-along, but for knitting pioneers!  Join us and be one of the first to knit this practical and charming sweater!

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