Friday, October 12, 2012

Wicker Park Photo Shoot

 Today's post is a little more "behind the scenes" than usual!  Tonight my family got together with another family to take pictures.  We were shooting each other's family, and our friends also agreed to help me out by modeling the hat & mitten pattern for which I recently got the test knit started.

As my models and I were playing around with poses, her husband  sneakily snapped a couple pictures of us in action. 

We were super-quick about it since we also wanted to do family pictures and we had around an hour of daylight left.  Plus, my mini-model was not up for a long drawn-out photo shoot!  It wasn't necessary though....I got about 6 perfect shots in 10 minutes, tops!  Thanks so much for helping me out, ladies!  You did a great job!

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