Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vacation Knitting, Part Deux

Something else wonderful that happened on my birthday was receiving a gift certificate from my sister and her family for a yarn shop near me.  I was totally going to be good and use "souvenir yarn" from my trip to make my second travel project, but since I already had this gift certificate, and since the LYS had sent out a newletter telling everyone about their recent shipment from Madelinetosh.....well, buying new yarn just seemed like the right thing to do!

The "Esoteric" colorway of the tosh sock yarn caught my eye right away. I was tempted by some of their purple color ways, but I kept coming back to this muted blue-green color mixed in with a generous amount of gray.  This photo doesn't even almost do it justice.  Hopefully finished photos taken outdoors will give you a better idea of it's beauty.

I picked the Indicum Pullover by Hillary Smith Callis.  She has a few designs that I love, but this project marries my love of simple lines with my love of sock yarn.  I also loved the detail of corrugated ribbing at the hem, sleeve cuffs, and neckline.  I thought about going with gray as the accent color (since it plays perfectly off the gray already in the main color yarn), but I decided to go with something "brighter" & "summer-y-er".  This pink yarn from Kollage is exactly as muted as the blue-green yarn, and they really go together well.  As I knit up the neckline I questioned my choice to go with the brighter color for the accent, but I think that's only because I'm much more comfortable with tonal variation than I am with contrasting colors.  I think that once I get more of the main color knit up and the pink becomes more of an accent and less of a main feature, I'll be happy with my choice.

We have about 12 hours in the car each way, plus a 3-hour round-trip to Niagara Falls, so I think there's a good chance I'll come home with either one or both of these projects finished!

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