Saturday, May 19, 2012

Button Swap: FAIL

 I was going to write a really happy post about this little sweater.  You see, it's the first draft of the Guacamole sweater you've been seeing so many pictures of lately.  I had this one gorgeous skein of merino wool that had various shades of pink, peach, orange & white.  (Really, these pictures don't even almost do it justice.  It's way prettier than these pictures are telling you.)  Anyway, I had a little baby up north in mind and I decided I was going to make something for her.  I thought she'd be wearing 12 month sized clothes once the weather turned cooler again next fall, so I tried to conjure up a design that I could complete in 440 yards or less.  I was really sweating the last few rounds, but I finished this pretty little sweater and had a tiny, tiny ball of yarn left over.  Really tiny - like maybe 2 yards tiny.

I put some little buttons on it, but I didn't love how they worked.  They really needed to be bigger to work well with the button loops I had made for them.

Tonight I sat down with my new buttons and started removing the old ones with the intention of swapping them out.  On button #3 I got a bad feeling as I cut the yarn holding the button in place.

Apparently it wasn't the button-holding yarn I had snipped.


Be brave - take a look....I only ruined something that took about 10 hours to make.  And, it served its purpose as the first version of what became a new sweater pattern, so I can't be too sad about it.

But how pathetic is that hole??  (Of course it has to be like 40 yards from the cast-on of the darn thing.  Couldn't have caused a big hole near the bottom, that I could easily fix, right? 

 So I spent tonight un-knitting this sweater.  All the ends were already woven in, so it was kind of a pain.  But, it's finally all back in a ball, albeit in about 10 different pieces.  I have no idea what I'll turn it into now, but it's still very pretty yarn!

Looks like it's back to square one as far as that baby gift is concerned!

PS - Wondering why I have a random piece of white paper in the first picture?  Ever try photographing something red on top of something else red? (Or on top of anything that isn't black or white?)  The camera goes nuts and thinks the sky is falling.  Little photography tip - always throw something white in the frame of your picture.  It'll help your camera recognize colors correctly, or, at the very least, it will give you a neutral color to use when you're messing around with editing the photo on the computer after the fact.

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  1. Oh, FRIG! My stomach bottomed out just reading about it! Yep, you guessed it - I would have cried.