Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's Easy Being Green

I'm working on a second sample knit for a new pattern I'm writing.  because of the 4-stitch pattern, it'll take more than one set of instructions to get through the yoke of all the sizes I'm planning to include (newborn - size 6).  I like to really write out my patterns, not just say "here's the stitch pattern, best of luck to you trying to figure out how to make it work with the increases".  I thought I was going to have to write 4 different sets of yoke instructions, because with a 4-stitch pattern, there are 4 different possibilities as to which stitch each section might start on.  But, in a stroke of luck, all the sizes fit into one of only two categories, so that will save me half the work I thought I'd have to do!

I'm not typically a green person.  But as I looked for yarn at The Fiber Universe a couple days ago, this "Mojito" colorway in Three Irish Girls fingering weight jumped out at me.  It's a really pretty "spring" green with just enough variety in the color to keep it interesting, but not so much that it overpowers the stitch pattern.  There was also a really pretty light yellow/orange/peach colorway that I would have gotten too, but they only had one skein left of that and I needed two.  I'm glad I found the green though - it'll be a nice change of pace from the typical pinks & blues I tend to pick for my sample garments (I'm a little predictable like that.)

This is a pretty quick knit, even in the size 4T that I'm doing.  I'll have to knit one more yoke once I'm finished just to double-check the pattern for the other group of sizes, but it will definitely be ready for testers next month!

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