Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Other Fun Stuff...

 Yesterday and today were fun days for me.  I love knitting and I love designing.  If you lived with me for a couple days, you may think I have no interests other than those two things.  But I actually have more hobbies than I have time to cultivate.  Yesterday and today I got to spend some time playing with another interest on my list: photography. As fun as it is to create a new design, it's even more rewarding to put it on a model, see that it fits properly, and take pictures!  To be able to do that two days in a row is a real treat!

I took the two pictures in this post just as a thank you for the parents who let their kids model for me.  They're not going to be great "sell this sweater pattern" shots, but there's nothing I love more than a gorgeous close-up of an adorable child. 

Yesterday's shoot was a lot of fun because it was with a little girl who is very comfortable with me and thought we were having a great time playing "dress-up".  She changed her outfit 3 times for me and even let me french braid her hair half-way through our shoot!  Afterwards we went to the park, which she loved.  When her mom joined us, we decided to go out to lunch.  Her mom said, "You pick two places you like and Miss Nicole will pick between them."  She gave us the choices of "Panera Bread or McDonalds".  She did not like it much that her mom and I both thought that was an obvious choice.....we quickly learned that she really had her heart set on McDonalds.  She didn't seem to mind that Cinnamon Crunch Bagel once we were at Panera though!

Today's little charmer was a little more suspicious of me.  I've seen her in a great mood the last couple times I've gone to visit and fit her sweater as it was being made, but today she didn't have many smiles for me.  It might have been the stiff breeze we were dealing with, or she may have just had too much to concentrate on (sister & sister's friend were trying their best to get a smile out of her, and big brother was driving his power wheels around me, so those things were very important to focus on!)  But, even though most of her shots were pretty serious-looking, we still got some good ones!  It was a perfect morning....until I was packing up to leave and big brother crashed his power wheels car into the lamp post in the yard.  Brother & battery-operated car were unscathed, but the light and glass casing on top of the pole sprang loose and ended up dangling from the electrical cords off the side of the pole.  Whoops!

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