Monday, August 27, 2012

Almost time for......

 I've had this top complete since May or June.  I've worn it probably a dozen times this summer (pretty much every opportunity I could find where the high wasn't going to be over 90 degrees!)  But all summer, we hadn't made time to go out and have a little photo shoot with it.  So that was our big goal this weekend.

Saturday evening, we finished dinner, I got all fancied up, then we piled into the car.  Makeup bag?  Check!  Hairbrush?  Check!  Lint remover? Check!  (Our daughter, who loves to play stylist, is always on the ball with her equipment!)  Tripod?  Check!  (Husband was there to play photographer and I had insisted he bring the tripod this time since he tends toward the shaky when he fills this role for me.)  White foam boards? Check!  (Our son was going to play "prop guy" and we sometimes use the foam boards to reflect light on dreary days.)

Anyway, we load up into the car and drive 20 minutes down to the Riverfront.  There is an Irish Festival going on, so we cruise for a while looking for a place with the magical mix of available parking and a place to shoot where we won't have an enormous audience.  We finally make a decision and get out of the car.  I tell the kids to bring all their stuff and see that Jason has gotten out of the car without the camera so I ask him to grab that.....  The camera?  Huh?  Didn't you bring the camera?

Yeah, that's right.  It was back at home on the computer desk where I'd left it for Jason to pick up, and he'd assumed I had gotten it.

A 20 minute drive back home meant that we wouldn't make it back to the Riverfront before the light was gone, so it was a bust for Saturday night.

But there's always Sunday, right?

Well, our Sunday was a monsoon.  It was gray and pouring rain almost all day.  There are a few covered areas near the riverfront, so I figured our worse case scenario was that we'd shoot there.  But after we ate dinner Sunday night and drove down to the riverfront, the rain gave us about a 10 minute break, then another 10 minutes where it was just lightly misting.  So we actually got to shoot quite a bit outside.  636 pictures, to be exact!  And we ended up with about 8 that I'd love to use!  (That's the ratio you get when you're not a professional, and you have to edit pictures of yourself - does anyone enjoy that??)

Anyway, that's the saga of getting this pattern photographed.  My goal is to get the pattern edited early this week and have it released by Tuesday or Wednesday!

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