Friday, August 17, 2012

Sweater del Diablo Goes to the Pool

My kids will be back in school in less than a week. We're trying to squeeze on a little more fun before summer break is over. My daughter has been begging to go to the pool, but my son claims to have 'already done enough swimming for one summer'. So, we picked up one of my daughter's friends before we headed to the pool.
I'm having one of those 'I've already showered for the day and don't want to do it again' moments, so I'm supervising from the sidelines with my little friend, the blue sweater.
We were getting along so well lately - I had the body complete, shoulders seamed up and one sleeve done as of yesterday afternoon....then I admitted to myself that the arm hole was too big. So I ripped it back down to the arm hole bind-offs and started again. It accompanied me to knit night and I've done a bit more today, so I'm about 20 rows away from seaming the shoulders for a second time. I like how it looks even better this time because I'm alternating skeins to lose most of the single-row stripes I had last time and I'm getting more pooling instead (which is what I want). Two sleeves and ( I think) a hood might take me another week or two, but I'm already itching to start something new. I hope I don't get too distracted with other projects so I can finish this before the weather cools off!

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  1. I like the way those colors are turning out (I am sure there is a technical knitting term for such a thing....)