Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Playing around

I'm about 70% done with my evil sweater, and I'm kind of saving that for a "knit night" project. 1. The parts I gave left are very easy "social knitting" type stuff and 2. It's the only project I have right now using yarn from the shop that hosts the knit night. I don't know if it's actually bad form to bring in yarn from a different shop, but it feels weird to me, do I'm going to stick to shop yarn for now.
Anyway, I have 2 new projects I've been swatching for. The one pictured above is a color work hat. I'm not exactly sure of the design yet, so I'm just playing. Since it's worked in the round, I have to swatch in the round, so right now I'm basically making a full-size crazy hat while trying out the possibilities I have in mind. Once I see what looks best, I'll rip out the entire hat and do it all over again.
I know that to some knitters that sounds like a tragedy, but to me it's part of the fun!

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