Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Knitter's High...and the Inevitable Crash

Yesterday was a really good knitting day.  I was still riding high from finishing up the Owl Sweater on Saturday, then getting to wear it on Sunday.  The kids and husband were back to their regularly scheduled activities, so I had my daytime back to work on the things I wanted to accomplish.  I spent a couple hours finishing up the second sleeve of a new adult cardigan that I'm working on, then later in the evening I picked up almost 400 stitches and worked the 16-row buttons band.  I knew I would have to frog & redo one of the sleeves (I had made them slightly different sizes so I could decide for sure which I liked better), but that was fine.  I was getting to the point where I'd be able to get the sweater off the needles and confirm that it does indeed fit the way I planned (this keeps happening, but I'm amazed every time....I guess I should start trusting the math!)

So I was all smiles at 10:20 last night when I bound off the last button band stitch, snipped the yarn and tried the sweater on in front of the mirror.  I knew I still had a double-knit belt to go, and that's not a quickie project, but I felt like I was definitely within a few days of being able to take pictures and get the test knit posted, even with the frogging and re-knitting of one sleeve.

As I stood in front of the mirror admiring the sweater, I imagined what it would look like with the 5 wooden buttons sewn into place.  I felt lucky when I found them at a local craft store...they were exactly the size I wanted and had the wood-y look I was hoping for.  I had originally wanted 6 buttons, but the store only had 5 in stock, so I decided I could make that work.

As I was imagining the cardigan buttoned up around me, I mentally tied the belt around my waist and decided it was going to be just what I had been envisioning from the start.  Then it hit me: the belt is fastened to the cardigan by the two buttons on the back of the sweater.

So tomorrow I will be calling JoAnn Fabrics in neighboring communities to see if they have 2 more of the buttons I need.  Unfortunately, their on-line website doesn't carry them, but maybe the JoAnns about 45 minutes from here does.

Or, it's back to the drawing board with much for "a couple days away" from a finished sweater!


  1. If your store doesn't carry them, take a picture of those puppies and text it to me. I can pop in my local store tomorrow and mail them to you if you want! XOXO


  2. Thanks for the offer, Nat! I'll let you know if I have button success in Bloomington.